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About Us

SolidSafe has been established in 2015 as the result of the continuous development of Polish producer KAMET - the leader in the production of high class mechanical devices intended for value protection and metal furniture. We are the official and authorized dealer of KAMET products.

Our experience and qualified staff enable to offer top quality products, compatible with all European standards what is confirmed with certificates granted by Institute of Precision Mechanics. Through huge investments and constant improvements implemented by our producer, we provide modern and functional products with the highest quality, satisfying growing requirements of Customers, such as: banks, army, police, schools, post offices, hospitals, industrial factories and other institutions.

KAMET has won many prizes and business awards. For many years, KAMET has been mentioned on a business ranking „The Business Gazelles” and in 2010 it was awarded with „Diamonds of the Forbes”.Many prizes and business awards of our producer, such as: „The Business Gazelles” or „Diamonds of the Forbes” are the evidences of the continuous satysfying requirements of Our Clients.